A nice bonus was discovering that we also got a 7 percent cost savings, because there was less confusion in the process.

George Cameron, Moog, Operations Manager

I learned more about the underlying science behind the Toyota Production System from four hours of Factory Physics training than I did in seven years as a Toyota employee.

Karthik Chandramouli, Motorola, Director of Lean Transformation

I know of no quicker more effective approach to improving performance than the Factory Physics approach.

Chandra Sekhar, Baxter Healthcare, Corporate VP of Manufacturing Strategy (ret.)

Factory Physics helped Lilly double production volume and sales in five years with a year on year reduction in new capital spending in each of those years. The outcome was a large part of the improvement in Lilly’s return on assets.

Michael Eagle, Eli Lilly, VP (ret)

Factory Physics training provides your Supply Chain team with concepts and principles based on solid science that can be readily applied to improving your supply chain performance.

Mike Gores, 3M, Global Supply Chain Manager

Optimize your production systems and supply chains using Factory Physics’ digital twins

Through various universities and institutes, Factory Physics provides education and training in ….?

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