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Inventory, Part II: Calculating Safety Stock Correctly

In our last blog we stated that there is no simple formula for calculating the safety stock required for a given fill rate if the reorder quantity is greater than one.  In this blog, I’ll provide detail on correct safety stock calculation and some considerations when trying to optimize safety stock for a set of parts…. Read more »

Inventory, Part 1: One Big Safety Stock Mistake to Avoid

Inventory is a great fascination for managers. Primarily because it is a fairly flexible asset that companies can use to manage their financial performance. This also makes inventory a source of poor control because short term financial reporting considerations often overrule good operations control practices. I worked at a company where inventory was stored in… Read more »

The Value-Added Fantasy: Don’t Waste Time and Effort. Provide Faster Response for Your Customers

“‘Eliminate Waste’ is a nonsensical slogan.1” – Shigeo Shingo Performance improvement strategies that revolve around the notion of reducing non-value-added activities continue to be popular. Unfortunately for the multitudes of companies relying on them, these strategies are seriously flawed and often result in huge wastes of time and effort. The “value-added” focus is one of… Read more »

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