The global Engineering and Construction Industry is in crisis. Annually, over $1.6 trillion is being wasted by major capital projects not being delivered on time or on budget. Despite significant investments in software and systems to manage these projects, 98% of projects are failing to meet their stated objectives. This is due to a critical gap in major capital project delivery. The gap is addressed through Project Physics, which is the application of Operations Science to the delivery of capital projects.


Project Physics is used to map, model, analyze, simulate, optimize and control Project Production Systems from engineering through fabrication and construction/commissioning. Our services are also used to control and improve project supply chains for best possible project outcomes.

Customers are able to compress project durations while reducing cost and use of cash. Through the use of Project Physics, customers reduce the risk of safety incidents, enhance quality, increase throughput and better control cost and time. This enables them to effectively deliver some of the world’s most critical projects, from vast energy field developments to complex industrial facilities and major civil engineering works.

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